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Elements Vape Cartridge CBD:THC 500mg

Elements Vape Cartridge CBD:THC 500mg

C$50.00 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price

Elements Extracts is one of the first companies in Canada to employ the ethanol extraction process. In every single gram of their premium cannabis oil you will find 100 percent isolated cannabinoids, full of terpene flavour and free of additives. As a result, this company was able to create a product that delivers a stylish, discreet design with a potent, tasty, solvent-free cannabis oil. They pride themselves on producing a high quality, clean, solvent free distillate. Try their strains, and find your element!



  • 500mg of HTSFE cannabis oil
  • Ready to use with your Elements pen battery
  • Full spectrum product



  • Flavour: Plain
  • Effects: Relaxed, Pain Relief
  • Our 1:1 CBD:THC blend is formulated for relaxation, and to aid with pain relief. We combine our premium THC distillate and with potent CBD isolate to make this soothing blend.

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